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What are the top films of all time?
The article discusses the best films of all time according to various polls and surveys. The top five picks are The Godfather, Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, and The Godfather Part II. It explains why these five films have been chosen and their lasting impact. It also mentions some of the other popular films in the top 25, such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Citizen Kane. The article concludes with a call to readers to watch these films and decide for themselves which ones truly deserve to be called the best of all time.
Is it possible to remove indian movies from IMDB rating?
This article discusses whether it is possible to remove Indian movies from IMDB ratings, as Indian films are often rated lower than films from other countries. It is argued that Indian films are not given the same respect as other films, and that this is reflected in the ratings. The article states that it is possible to remove Indian films from the IMDB ratings, but that it would be difficult to do so without affecting the overall ratings. It also suggests that this could be done by creating a separate rating system for Indian films, to ensure that they are given the same respect as films from other countries.
How often have sci-fi films been right about the future?
This article discusses how accurate science fiction films have been in predicting the future. It takes a look at some of the technologies that have been featured in science fiction films that have since become reality, such as video conferencing, face recognition software, and robots. It also looks at the technology that was once science fiction but has not been developed yet, such as teleportation and flying cars. Finally, it examines how the spirit of science fiction films has been used to inspire scientific progress and inspire humanity to explore the world and beyond. Overall, science fiction films have been surprisingly accurate in predicting aspects of the future.
Which science-fiction films focus on settling a new planet?
This article focuses on science-fiction movies that explore the possibility of settling a new planet. The article discusses different movies that depict the process of settling a new planet, the challenges and possibilities associated with it, and the messages that these types of movies convey. Some of the movies discussed include Wall-E, Star Trek, and Avatar. Overall, the article highlights the power of science-fiction to explore challenging and complex topics such as space exploration and the search for new worlds.